28 Things You Will Be Thinking When You Go To Valley Bar

Valley Bar is the most underground music venue in Phoenix, literally. Located in a basement in downtown Phoenix, Valley Bar has become the newest hot spot to see local shows or to just have a drink. The all over experience of going to Valley Bar for the first time can be a little overwhelming. Here are a few things that you may be thinking if you’re heading down there for the weekend and a few tips on how to act like you know what you’re doing:

1. Where is this place?

2. I’m completely lost and have no idea where I’m going.

3. I’ll follow these people!

4. Oh, nevermind, they’re going to a baseball game.

5. GPS time.

6. It says I’ve arrived, but I don’t see anything except a sketch alley…

7. *sarcastically* I guess I’ll go down there.

8. I hope I don’t get robbed.

9. It smells like garbage down here.

10. Hey, look! People!

11. I see a sign! I found it!

12. I’ll just get in this line.

13. Oops, I’m in the wrong line.

14. I’m in!

15. What is this tiny red hallway…?

16. We’re going down some steep stairs right now.

17. Good thing I didn’t wear heels.

18. I have no cell signal down here… -_-

19. This place is tiny!

20. Okay, I need a drink.

21. It’s so crowded in here.

22. All the walls are brick, this is so hipster.

23. These little candles are romantic.


24. It’s way colder in here than in the lobby!

25. Why are the ceilings so low?

26. How am I going to order a drink when it’s this loud?

27. These bands are amazing!

28. Where did I park…



1. Remember where you park!

Wherever you park, whether it’s in a garage or at a meter, make sure you take note of where you are. Text your best friend the cross streets or use Google Maps to “drop a pin” and it will save your coordinates.

2. Know your lines.

There are two separate lines to get in: one for just the bar and one for the show. If you are going for the show, the line is usually shorter and you won’t have to wait to get in.

3. Buy tickets ahead of time.

If you’re going to the Valley Bar for a show make sure you buy tickets before you get there. The venue has a 250 people capacity¬†so tickets can sell out quickly and once they’re gone there’s no getting into the music hall.

4. Bring cash.

Most people don’t want to be carrying cash while walking around downtown, but it is always good to have cash (at least $20) for band merch or tipping your bartenders. If you don’t come prepared, there is a cafe upstairs and next door that has an ATM.

5. Be Safe.

No matter what bar you are going out to, always make sure you have a plan to get home safely. This is the most important tip so plan ahead by designating a driver or getting a ride via Lyft or Uber.


The Soft White Sixties performing at the Valley Bar August 8th, 2015.


The Valley Bar is located at 130 N. Central Avenue.