All Time Low

All Time Low, a band out of Baltimore, Maryland, is currently on their Back to the Future Hearts tour across the United States. Touring along with them is Oregon band Sleeping with Sirens. All Time Low has been together for 12 years now and is still releasing new albums. They released their newest album Future Hearts this past April 2015.

During the show on October 20, 2015 there seemed to be a lot of inside jokes happening on stage between lead singer Alex Gaskarth and guitarist Jeff Barakat. At one point during the performance, a stuffed eggplant was thrown on stage. This set the stage for many sexual jokes to come, with the eggplant now being the go-to emoji symbolizing the male anatomy. Another interesting part about this show is that the location of Mesa Amphitheater is so close a hotel. The noise from the concert brought people to their windows and at this point, Gaskarth instructed everyone to turn and wave at the people watching from their hotels-they did not wave back.

During the lengthy performance, the band talked about their previous tour at Mesa Amphitheater in 2010 when they were on tour with Fall Out Boy. They played a cover of ‘Sugar we’re goin’ Down” and continued to talk about how much they love Arizona. Sleeping With Sirens and All Time Low agreed that Arizona was by far the best stop on this tour so far.



Setlist for Back to the Future Hearts All Time Low
Kicking & Screaming
Lost in Stereo
Hearts on Fire
Dancing With a Wolf
Backseat Serenade
Sugar we’re goin’ Down (Fall Out Boy Cover)
Cinderblock Garden
Missing You
The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver
Don’t You Go
Poppin’ Champagne
Damned if I Do Ya (Damned if I Don’t)
Future Hearts
Kids in the Dark (Encore)