Beef Vegan’s Top 30 Rock Local songs of 2015


2015 has been a great year for local music. Lists like these are always almost impossible to gather, let alone get right. The way I came up with my list involved several factors, including number of requests, performance in the Rock N Royal, in studio performance of the song, and my personal opinion of the songs longevity on the show.

I am fortunate enough to be able to listen to music for a living, so I know these songs well. For most of you, a lot of these songs may have slipped under the radar to you. So I ask, please take your time in going over this list, as you may find your next favorite band on here. Make sure to like them on social media, and don’t be afraid to reach out and let them know you enjoy what they are doing. It’s this support that gives them the much needed motivation to continue chasing their dreams, knowing that you enjoy their work. Also, technically there is 31 songs, as two songs tied, but whatever. So, below are my 30 favorite songs by Arizona artist in 2015. Rock Local.

#30. No Volcano – Tribute

#29. MRCH – Spin

#28. Foresteater – High and Bright

#27. Captain Squeegee – Seek

#26. The Wiley Ones – What I am

#25. Scattered Melodies – Error

#24. Jim Adkins – I Will Go

#23. MegaRan – My Favorite Song

#22 Treasurefruit – The Prey

#22. Companeros – Shady

#21. Ruca – The Leavin’

#20. The Love Me Nots – You Gotta Go

#19. Carlos Arzate & The Kind Souls – Burn Out

#18. Bogan Via – Madly

#17. Motobunny – Let’s Go Out

#16. Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers – Once I was A Theif

#15. Fairy Bones – Waiting

#14. The Hourglass Cats – Be That Way

#13. Jared & The Mill – Young & Dumb

#12. Mouse Powell – King Of My Own Backyard

#11. Sundressed – The Dirt

THE TMI TOP 10 of 2015!

#10. Luna Aura – Dancing With Your Ghost

#9. Japhy’s Descent – Bounce

#8. The Shivereens – Let’s Go

#7. Taylor Upsahl – Golden Rims

#6. Through and Through Gospel Review – Don’t Let It Die

#5. Harper and The Moths – Nighttime Tremors\

#4. CooBee Coo – Eyes That Kill

#3. Bear Ghost – Necromancin Dancin

#2. The Technicolors – Tonight, You Are Mine

#1. decker. – Patsy