Blood, Fame, and Attention Starvation

Does anyone remeber the Club Kids? Michael Alig is deperate to be remmbered. Along side of DJ Keoki he recently released a song titled, “What’s In.” Can you imagine after 17 years of being in prison and trying to be relevent or even fit in technology aspect. This sounds like a scream in dire need to belong again. Although he continues to be punished mentaly and socialy for the horrid crime, Alig still has a huge following, he continues to be praised for his ability to unite the misfits. ┬áMuch of his recent fame is due to the 2003 film (Party Monster), featuring Macauly Culkin as Alig. Michael along with Club kids paved the way current EDM DJs and the current club scene. What do you think of the song and Michael’s Loyal following?

“What’s In” by Greg Tanoose (feat. Michael Alig & DJ Keoki) Buy on iTunes:…