Keeping It Green

Brain stem injuries, epilepsy, cancer, depression,autism, arthitis, fribromialgia and even menopause! These are just a few illnesses that can be drasticly relieved with the use of medical marijuana. Unfortunately when we hear the word marijuana negatives are inevitable. Like any medication or substance it has both negatives and possitives. Stimulating health, the economy, and even reducing crimes out weigh the negatives.
The Southwest Canibis Conference will take part in AZ on Oct 27th-28th of 2015. This is not your gathering of the stereotypical idea of potheads. This is a gatehring of well educated and impactful members of society. The idea is to educate and raise awarness of what legalizing can do for our state.

Marijuana is a promising solution to ease the life of so many people that live with chronic pain this includes children. Children with autism , epilepsy, and even cancer can have a better quality of life with the use of Medicinal Marijuana. This may not be a cure, but can reduce the pain of a child eduring chemotherapy. Childrean and adults can both suffer from depression, eating disorders these are just a few ailments that can be reduced.

Aside from helping ill individuals, legalizing can stimulate or economy in several ways. First of all in creates jobs! At least 16 careers are created in states that legalize, according to You have farmers, glass manufactures, dispensaries, trimmers, couriers, doctors, researchers, and regulators just to name a few. States that have legalized both medical and recreational are reaping the benefits. A great example is the beautiful city of Seattle! Seattle has seen an increase in tourism since its recreational legalization.
Your probably wondering how legalization can be beneficial to reducing crime. The vendor and customer approach deletes the need for canibis to me smuggled through our borders. Regulation can ensure safe usage and diminish the drug dealing aspect.
Weather is to help the local economy, have a good time, or help someone live a better quality of life, the grass is deffenitly greener on the legal side!