Max Frost checks in with Beef Vegan



Max Frost is a musical prodigy. Performing in Austin Texas since the age of 12, and signed to legendary record label Atlantic Records at the age of 20, this young singer/songwriter/producer and multi instrumentalist is not to be taken for granted. Blending musical genre after genre, from R&B, Hip Hop and soul, to classic Rock N Roll. If a sponge could soak up all the great music heard though the streets of Austin Texas over the past few decades, then be able to project that back out to the world, Max Frost would be that sponge.

Getting ready to release only his second EP on Atlantic, the talent and craftsmanship is transparent. Weaving through styles and genres, while creating his own distinct voice and brand is no easy feat. To be able to do it repeatedly with a tremendous pop sensibility is astounding. Max first caught our attention with the single White Lies, which was featured in a Beats by Dre ad. It instantly connected with our listeners, telling a classic tale of mistrust and jaded love, sang over acoustic guitar and a uptempo electric hip hop beat.

We were blown away, but in this business sometimes even a great song can’t make a great impact. The Beats ad ran for a month, the label rushed the radio promo, and program directors across the country didn’t have the sensibility to play something they couldn’t define, which I may ad, is the definition of alternative. Not that the song went completely unnoticed. Max then started building a grass roots following like many great artists in the digital age, amassing over 1.5 million hit on the youtube video shortly after. He followed that with the sultry R&B track Nice & Slow of off the High & Low ep.

Something for ladies. Nice and Slow by Max Frost.

So what do we know about the new EP Intoxication? Quite a lot actually. The EP will feature 7 tracks, 3 of which are videos now and 2 you have heard in the morning during TMI’s Rock N Royal battle. Starting with Paranoia, which was released in December of last year, it instantly became more requested then its predecessor White Lies.




We caught up with him this morning to talk about the EP, and what to expect at his upcoming show at Valley Bar,  Check out what he had to say below.

What I take away most from this interview is that Max Frost is patient. He’s confident that as long as he keeps on making great music, the rest of the world will eventually figure out who he is. Be one of the lucky few who can claim they saw his first show in Phoenix on Monday, October 5th at the Valley Bar. Get your tickets at the link below.


Check out his latest single “Withdraw;” right here. See you October 5th!