Mega Ran interview and Album Preview



We recently sat down with valley resident and global artist Mega Ran to talk about his latest album RNDM and his upcoming CD Release show at the Crescent Ballroom. RNDM (pronounced Random) was the local emcee’s name before he took on the Mega Ran persona after releasing an album of the same name utilizing the Mega Man video game soundtrack for samples in his beats.


This unique well crafted vision is what got him viral and word spread all the way to the offices of CapCom, which own the rights to the Mega Man franchise. Immediately Ran thought he was going to get sued. Instead, CapCom was so blown away by his music that he became the first artist officially licensed by the company.



Fast forward to today, Mega Ran tours around the world, building his rabid fan base along the way. Working and releasing his music independently by choice.

I’ve listened to the album RNDM several times over so far. It keeps the Chip Hop video game vibe, while sounding fresh and new, sonically beautiful and lyrically inspiring. Mega Ran’s rhyme schemes and storytelling are second to none. Simultaneously impressing you while taking you along for the ride. He weaves a tale of success, struggle, and hunger to achieve the next level. Like a true gamer, his playing this game to win.


Check out our conversation with him below. We’ll also be playing Infinite Lives and Favorite Song during this session to get you ready for the album.



Preorder the new album RNDM from Mega Ran today at the links below. #RockLocal



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