New Kongos Music Video features a surprise appearance from BV

The long awaited new single from Kongos dropped Friday, April 15th. Later that evening the music video for the song “Take It From Me” was available on youtube for the world to see. Much to the surprise of few, in the know valley listeners, our very own Beef Vegan makes a surprise cameo!

Chef Beef, with his well placed avocados and pepper shaker may not be in high demand in the culinary world, but in this clever satire of the egos that coincide with fame and stardom, Chef Beef Vegan seems to be a realistic fit.

The best part for locals was the big head shot of all friends involved in the video including Mergence drummer Jason Roedl, Mo’zart, and Mic Quinn the co owner of the Rogue Bar and Tour manager of the band.

Like their videos before, the brothers Kongos helped co-direct the video, and Danny Kongos did the visual effects and editing. Check out the video below!

Now this is the latest video featuring a Beef Vegan cameo, but it was not the first. Check out Beef channeling his inner porn star in the Black Bottom Lighters video for Nuclear below.

Kongos third studio album “Egomaniac” will be available everywhere June 10th.