New Music video: Steff Koeppen

Steff Koeppen is one talented woman. She first hit our radar with her indie/folk band Steff and the Articles. Over the past two years she has popped into studio with various other musicians, working as somewhat of a hired gun. None of which has slowed her down from pursuing and crafting a solo pop project, to which she recently compiled an EP for.

Steff stays busy, and I like that equally as much as I dig the lead single she recently released a video for called Celebrate. Danny Torgersen of Captain Squeegee described it as music Lorde would make if she had a better understanding of music theory. (You here that Lorde!? You need to step up your music theory game!) This sound comes off as beautifully polished, and catchy. The video produced by Sundawg Media looks as good as it sounds, and definitely worth checking out.

We had Steff in to debut the single this morning, as well as do an impromptu acoustic performance of the song. Check it out in the podcast below. Rock Local