Summer Ends Cold War Kids

We are product of what came before us! Did you know frequency jumping was invented during the cold war? Well you may commonly know it as bluetooth! Wich, you probably use to listen to some tunes from your favorite bands like Cold War Kids.

During the Cold War, the C.I.A. made a pornographic video in attempt to discredit the Indonesian president. What does this have to do with the band? Well although their songs aren’t overlly political they do touch on taboo subjects such as infedelity and the challenges we all face. Perhaps one challenge we can all relate to is the the challenge of loyalty and faith. The song “Welcome To The Occupation, ” questions the choice to help others or to feverishly chase one’s dreams!

They have been a band for ten years. You have probably heard their current radio hit, First from the album Hold My Home released in October 2014. The band first gathered in 2004 in Fullerton, CA.

In 1989 the end of communism finally arrived to Hungary. Hungary was heavily effected during the war it was a center for illegal tradeing of arms, rallies, and gathering for many secret operatives. Today Budapest is a thriveing city with vibrant culture. This history is carried into the name, Cold War kids who will be the opening act Thursday 24, 2015 for Summer Ends 2015.  Where did the name come from? While traveling through Budapest, Mat Maust witnesed the aftermath of communism in a desimated park. There stood a playground in the middle of the rubble! The phrase “cold war kids” felt natural and it belonged

The group has grassroots, post-punk, and blues influece.  Many of these genres were also popular during The Cold War and could be heard in influental people of that time like Bob Dylan. At the end of the day Cold War Kids is a band of acceptance and being non-materialistic and more realistic. The crowd they gather offer an amazing vibe! Will you be there?