What Apache Lake Music Festival is really about

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and write-ups about Apache Lake Music Festival, which is to be expected being that it is this weekend. But none of them I feel accurately describe what this festival is really like.

Have you ever been camping with a group of friends, partying late into the night, singing songs, and laughing your ass off? You have? Cool! Now imagine that but with 1500+ friends……and lakeside. Apache Lake Music Festival is like the party at the moon tower in Dazed and Confused…..lakeside!!

Each year over 30 bands make their way to the festival to bring something special to the stage. It’s a great way to discover your next favorite local band, but the show doesn’t end when the lights on the stage go out. Slowly but surely, people make their way back to the tents to set up shop. Whether you’re hosting a party, or hopping around to different parties on the campsite. It’s all love.

You see, the goal for most bands on the bill, is to remain just sober enough to do well on stage. After their set is done, it’s game time. A time where the musicians get to party with other musicians, and their fans get to party with them. ALMF is the concert, the campground is the backstage, and EVERYBODY is backstage!

I can tell you about the bands but it’s bigger than that. You will leave there being blown away by a band you probably never heard of anyways. No, Apache Lake Music Festival is about the community, the music as a whole, and the party. Make no mistake, everyone going, bands included, are going there to have a great time.

For everyone involved, it’s a celebration of our local music and arts community. A special weekend gathering unlike any other in the country, and it’s ours. Check out the video below to get a better idea if you need to, but like I said at the top of this post, it doesn’t capture what makes this special. I invite you to come out and make friends, be friends. Because even when you party to hard the night before, at least you wake up in the morning next to this.

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Apache Lake Music Festival
Friday Oct 23, 2015 – Saturday Oct 24, 2015